April 10, 2015

About Us


Angelpreneur is a crowdfunding and angel investing platform in one.

It matches budding small and medium businesses with potential backers to raise capital and seek exposure. It is a rewards-based (online) and a private partnership activity (offline).

Angelpreneur is a venue for angel investors and mainstreet businesses to meet and help each other.

Aside from raising funds for business, anyone can maximize the platform by raising funds for causes or advocacy, events, fundraisers, ideas and innovations.

Angelpreneur is also a team of individuals who collectively venture in thriving businesses. This team is also known as Wealth Circle, a private network of investors. Angelpreneur hosts a private meet-up among entrepreneurs and angel investors.

From genuine start-ups to established businesses, from a charitable cause to a bright idea, Angelpreneur is a heaven haven for all angels, entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers.


Angels of entrepreneurship. Angelpreneur embraces the immense talent and business potentials of Filipino start-ups. Angelpreneur brings together investors and business owners who would like to support each other. Let ideas incubate and let great businesses jumpstart right here.

Angelpreneur aims to become a choice platform for raising funds for causes and advocacy, events, ideas and creative innovation. Angels offer a helping hand. Angels have big hearts.


  • Passion: To support campaigns and their quest to getting known
  • Purpose: To encourage start-ups and advocacies in the Philippines
  • Profit: To help expand client base of existing, start-up or social enterprise
  • Power: To create a buzz around new ideas that have possibility to grow big
  • Partnership: To mutually earn as partners in business

How does it work? Head on to this page and learn more.

For Entrepreneurs and Advocates:

Are you ready to launch an online campaign? Start creating your campaign.

Do you have an idea and you want to pitch to investors during the meet-up? Submit a proposal. 

For Investors and Supporters:

Browse through featured campaigns here.

Do you want to be a private investor? Listen to proposals and meet them! Learn more.

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