April 10, 2015



Who can join Angelpreneur?

Join Angelpreneur as:

  • Entrepreneur – You create a business project and seek funding. You need to expand your clientele. You also need help in growing your network of suppliers and investors.
  • Advocate – You want to inspire people with your social enterprise, cause or advocacy. You want to seek financial aid to support a movement.
  • Angel  – You are interested in investing in a business. Your level of investment experience could be a) never invested in start-ups b) novice c) professional investor. You might even take on seat as board of directors of a certain company. You provide capital to help grow a business.
  • Supporter – You get rewarded or recognized for backing a campaign.


What are expected from users?

  • All entrepreneurs are obliged to comply with rewards (also called commitments) agreed upon funding.
  • All angels are encouraged to perform due diligence before venturing into private partnerships.
  • All users are expected to be honest in disclosing their profile and business offers.
  • All users of Angelpreneur must read and accept the Terms of Service.


How do I launch a campaign?

  • A creator drafts a campaign through “Create a Campaign” button on the website. If approved, your project is ready to get funded! In turn, you offer sample of product or service as “rewards” and seek investors to try out your rewards in exchange for cash funding. This is what we call the online campaign.
  • A creator sends a private proposal through the “Submit Private Proposal” button on the website. If approved,  a panel of the Angelpreneur team finds you worthy of a slot after listening to your pitch during our Wealth Circle activities. This is what we call offline campaign. 


How do I support a campaign?

  • You create a profile on the Angelpreneur website. Browse through featured campaigns and support whichever you like!
  • You attend our Wealth Circle activities in our private gatherings and meet fellow investors.


What are the guidelines in creating a campaign?

  • The creator should, or at least one of the team members, is Filipino.
  • The campaign should have a tangible reward or service that can be exchanged for cash contributions.
  • All projects will be approved by the Angelpreneur team.
  • Offensive, pornographic, illicit materials are not allowed.
  • A campaign shall not break any Philippine laws.
  • Any business cannot sell equity, stocks or shares as rewards (known as equity crowdfunding) as there are no existing local regulations on this yet.
  • However, any interested investor can become partner of a particular business via private partnerships which are internally discussed in private meetings.
  • All private partnerships (venture partnerships, private loans, etc) shall be discussed during the meet-up.
  • A campaign cannot have simultaneous crowdfunding activity with any other platforms apart from Angelpreneur.net.


What are prohibited natures of business and activities?

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Adult entertainment
  • Contests, raffles, games, lottery, competitions
  • Credit services (collections, credit counselling, anti-fraud services)
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Illegal activities
  • Health-related, medicines and miracle cure products
  • Money services such as remittance, transfer, offshore banking
  • Multi level marketing products and services
  • Networking systems
  • Non-profit donation drives
  • Pyramiding
  • Tobacco and cigarettes
  • Time shares
  • Weapons and guns


What do potential investors want to see in the business project?

The basic parts of the business project are as follows:

  • Executive summary (required)
  • Fundraising terms (required) such as timeframe, rewards options, etc
  • Business plan (optional)
  • Financials (optional)
  • Marketing strategies (optional)
  • Pitch video (optional) Answer why your business needs to be funded.
  • FAQ (optional)


How does an entrepreneur protect confidentiality of his ideas?

We encourage all creators to reveal just enough information to convince investors. It is the prerogative of the entrepreneur whether or not he wants to reveal sensitive information. All angels are obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon creating a profile on the website. Please do not send confidential information through Angelpreneur. You may do so by your own methods outside the scope of the website services.


How much does the platform charge?

Angelpreneur charges a standard fee of 7% if the business project fails to reach its target funding goal. It charges 5% if it successfully reaches its monetary goal.

All funding will be done via:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Direct bank deposit
  • Bank transfers

Gateway fees due to Paypal or credit card charges shall be shouldered by the creator.

 All funds will be collected by the creators by end of the fundraising campaign.

At the end of the listing date, you may opt to renew, revise or discontinue your posting.


What are the rewards that can be offered?

Rewards can range from tangible products such as books, clothes, personalized mementos, tours, services, etc.

  • Pre-orders
  • Services
  • Recognition


I’m a Wealth Circle member. What are the perks for me?

Members also have first-hand access to new projects on the website. As a member of the Wealth Circle, you are not obliged to invest in a company – you still have to perform your own due diligence (apart from what has been presented) and invest at your own risk.

Angelpreneur does not in any way promote any business or activity. The investor should know all the risks involved prior to investing, especially in start-ups. Angelpreneur will not receive any compensation or commission for any transaction that happened outside the platform. Angelpreneur will not be held liable for any losses.


Who can fund the business projects?

Backers may come from any part of the globe. Usually, backers will support a business based on personal affinity. However, the website is open for all investors who would like to explore business opportunities.


Got more questions? 

Email us at support@angelpreneur.net.

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