April 10, 2015

How it works

I want to support a campaign. How do I contribute?

Here are payment options:

1. Credit Card / Debit Card / Paypal – please click Add to Cart button.

2. For bank deposits:

Bank deposit/transfer: BDO VOLUNTEER PHILIPPINES 00836050231
Bank deposit/transfer: BPI VOLUNTEER PHILIPPINES 3390016092

Kindly send scanned copy of bank deposit to support@angelpreneur.net.

I want to launch a campaign. How to?

Click the Create a Campaign button and follow the instructions.

I did not reach my fund goal target. Will I be eligible to get the funds raised?

Yes. You will get the funds collected at the end of the campaign.

How do I receive my funds at the end of the campaign?

A representative of #Angelpreneur will be contacting you on how funds will be remitted to your bank account.

I want to become a private angel investor. How do I become one?

Our exclusive group of angel investors is called the Wealth Circle group. To become a member, click Be a Private Investor button. You will then receive an email on how to join.

I have a start-up business / I have an idea in mind and I want to pitch to private investors. How do I join your pitch sessions?

Click Submit a Private Proposal and you will receive an email if you are qualified to pitch in our exclusive pitch sessions. We will also be guiding you on how to create your pitch deck and to prepare you for the big day. You can do it!

I can’t seem to understand how to navigate the website. How can I contact you?

Please send an email to support@angelpreneur.net.

Aside from the website, how can I connect with #Angelpreneur via social media? 

You may like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group Angelpreneurs.


Here are some infographics about #Angelpreneur:

Who can join Angelpreneur?

infographic3 150 ppp


How does it work?



What are campaign categories?


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