April 10, 2015

Terms of Use


Angelpreneur is not a registered brokerage system that permits sale of equity. Angelpreneur does not offer any investment advice or on raising capital through sale of equity. Angelpreneur does not take part in any transactional sale of shares of business. No shares are traded through the Angelpreneur platform. Angelpreneur does not receive any compensation or commission from any sale of equity.


Terms of Service

All users of Angelpreneur must read and accept the Terms of Service. If you do not agree with these terms, you are prohibited from using Angelpreneur. Moreover, Angelpreneur reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time.


No misselling and misrepresentation. All users are expected to be honest at all times with regard to their profile and offers. All users are encouraged to report any act of misselling or misrepresentation.

Angelpreneur reserves the right to suspend or ban any member found to be promoting items or services prohibited as mentioned in the guidelines.


No spamming. No unsolicited advertising or multiple duplicate comments allowed.


All names and logos associated with Angelpreneur are trademarks of Angelpreneur and shall not be used without Angelpreneur’s written consent.

Angelpreneur shall not be used by any person below age 18.

Angelpreneur is authorized to use any information that is provided by all users. All information supplied on the website shall become property of Angelpreneur.

Angelpreneur is not responsible for any financial losses, misrepresentation or errors in the content. While Angelpreneur strives for accuracy of all information declared, it cannot guarantee the truthfulness of all content.

As reiterated, all users are expected to conduct their own due diligence review and invest at their own risk.

Several natures of businesses are prohibited as indicated in the guidelines.


Angelpreneur reserves the right to revoke or refuse service without prior notice to any potential or existing user for any reason.


Users must obey all local, national and international laws associated with the use of Angelpreneur and any affiliated services.

Kindly notify Angelpreneur for any unauthorized use of your account.


Users shall not harm Angelpreneur systems, infrastructure in any way.

Users shall not take ideas obtained from the website as their own, or resell the information.

Users shall not harass anyone in any way.

Users shall not represent Angelpreneur in any way.

Users shall not perform unethical and abusive actions toward Angelpreneur system, services and users.


Membership at Angelpreneur does not constitute a sale of any business stake. Any actual sale or purchase of interest shall be a private and independent transaction between the entrepreneur and the angel investor. Angelpreneur is not held liable for any losses or expenses incurred in private transactions performed among users.



Intellectual Property Rights

Angelpreneur does not own a project creator’s business idea. However, for Angelpreneur to be able to launch a fundraiser, a project creator must provide global, non-exclusive, perpetual license to Angelpreneur for use, display, publish, reproduce the name, graphics and other related materials submitted via platform.

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